How can you help?

Just like any other community, we can't do it alone. That's why we rely on volunteers to help us out every now and then.

To give an idea about what you could do to help us, we've listed a few examples:

  • Become a regular or occasional guest blogger and write about some of the topics related to womxn who code or our community.
  • Gather various content and community updates for our monthly newsletter.
  • Write recaps about women.code(be) related events.
  • Become a mentor and help out womxn who are new in tech.
  • Speak at one of our events! Check out our speakers page for more info.
  • And more...

Who are we looking for?

Womxn who have an affinity for coding and who want to help and support other womxn in this discipline. Womxn who want to join our community and help make a positive impact on the Belgian tech culture!

For most tasks, we are looking for people who have a bit of regular time on their hands. This doesn't mean we expect you to be available every day or every week. But we do want to stress out that it's important to communicate clearly about how much time you want to spend on volunteering.

No experience needed

Whether you're still a student in college or already have tons of experience in tech doesn't really matter. We have some volunteer options for everyone. The only thing mandatory is that you need to be able to communicate in English AND you have to be a resident in Belgium.

So, If you're still interested in becoming a volunteer for our community after reading this, just use the signup form below.
Check our info pages for detailed descriptions of every volunteer role.