Membership at women.code(be)

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Who can join?

Becoming a member of the women.code(be) community is free of charge and open to anyone, as long as you identify as a womxn who codes and are living in Belgium.

More specifically we welcome anyone who is an active programmer. This can be any of the following:

  • you are a college or university student enrolled in a tech specialisation (IT, IMD, NMCT, Devine, DAE, MCT, Applied Informatics...)
  • you are enrolled in a bootcamp or other training program focused on coding
  • you are a professional developer or technical engineer (web, software, games...)
  • you are a professional in another specialisation but coding is an important part of your job.
  • you are a hobby developer (you frequently code for personal or community projects)

Note that this is first and foremost a coding community, we do not consider design, project management or other related specialisations as part of a coding community. We also want to put an emphasis on the fact that coding is not limited to building websites, apps and games, and therefore we do not include topics such as actual design or project management to our focus. (HTML & CSS are considered coding!)

As an example, read our interview with Janine George,
a computational chemist and postdoctoral researcher at UCLouvain in Belgium.

Membership benefits

  • Become a part of our private online community space and network
    • Connect with fellow peers from all over Belgium
    • Share experiences and expertise
    • Talk off the record about professional topics & issues
    • Engage in informal discussions about a broad range of topics & interests
    • Be supported and inspired by fellow peers
  • Get advice and feedback on how to improve your professional profile
  • Get notified of all upcoming community events
  • Get access to member-only events such as:
    • Online network events
    • Lady dinners
    • Game sessions
    • Pub nights
  • Occasional discounts for conferences and workshops

We ask anyone who wishes to become a member to fill out an application form.