Our events

What kind of events do we host?

We host a few different events such as TechTalks, social / bar nights and also small dinner & game nights.
Apart from these events, we decided to leave some room for collaboration with other communities and Tech groups.

Before rushing off to our meetup page, we recommend reading all the info on this page!


Our TechTalks are meetup-based events where we invite speakers to talk about a certain topic. (topics can be found on the speakers page) These events occur 4 times a year and each edition visits another city. Currently these are limited to Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Mechelen and Leuven.

If you're interested in hosting one of our TechTalks, visit the partners page.

Social / Bar nights

For this type of event we meet at a pub, share a few drinks and/or grab a bite to eat. The goal behind these social nights is to lower the barrier to talk about things such as income, problems you might experience at work, dealing with insecureties and so on... But also to talk about all the good things, sharing stories, experience and tips with fellow peers, and to meet fellow female developers in the area. These social nights are usually planned between 2 TechTalks.

Small dinner & game nights

At the moment this is still in an experimental phase, but the idea is to get together with a small group of members and have dinner or do a game night. We believe this is the stuff that helps form friendships, it's also a little different from the typical tech-focused meetups, AND it makes it a bit easier to share some (common) interests or maybe spark a few new ones.

Who can attend our events?

By default, all our events are women-only and more precisely focused on women who code / female developers & engineers, unless stated otherwise. We do make exceptions for specific events, such as collaborative events with other meetup groups or communities.

A few exceptions

  • At almost every meetup we have a guest speaker, regardless of their gender
  • Community members who are scheduled as speakers can bring a guest
  • Anyone working at the company that hosts us is free to follow our meetup after a brief discussion
  • For collaboration events it depends on the collaborator

With these exceptions we let a small amount of people who do not fall under our target group join a specific event. And it helps us to keep the ratio so that there will always be more women.

How can you RSVP as an one of the exceptions?

  • Guest speakers are automatically confirmed the moment we schedule their talk
  • A guest brought by a speaker from the community should be enrolled via mail

A closed niche community

We want to put some emphasis on the fact that we are not a women in tech group. We are also not a group who teaches women to code, nor do we wish to become any of these things at this point. By choosing a niche, we feel we can be more focused. And as mentioned before, our goal is to connect the local women who code.

In short this means we do not accept non-coders in our meetup group. Looking for an inclusive group? Take a look at Women in Tech Belgium.