About us

Our mission

women.code(be)* is a niche community that aims to unite women who code in Belgium and provide them with a friendly, safe and harassment free environment.

We believe that our community can be an added value for both professionals and students. Through our meetups students can connect early on with experienced developers, which in turn can result in students having more insight of the expectations, future job opportunities might entail. We hope this will also provide new generations of developers with role models, something that we feel, is still lacking within our educational system and most of the companies out there.

These last few years we notice a certain trend regarding diversity and women in STEM. Most initiatives seem to focus on getting more girls and women into STEM. However, we think it's equally important to focus on retaining women who are already working, or studying in a STEM-field. This, is where we believe our community can help make a difference in.

This community is set out to be a place where:

  • members support and encourage each other
  • we can learn from one another
  • members can network with supporting companies and other members
  • members get the chance to pursue public speaking

In the long term we are working towards more inclusiveness, but probably not in the way you think. Our slack and meetup page will always be exclusive, but we would love to collaborate with other communities and companies to organise inclusive events.

* Pronounced as women dot code be(lgium).

a group photo with our women coders at our meetup in
          Brussels, dating from September 2018

Our team

Claudia, community core team member

Claudia, core member

I'm Claudia and nowadays I'm a UX designer & developer. But there was a time I worked as a (classical) front-end developer and product manager. I've always had a wide range of interests througout my entire life and struggled with the pressure of specialisation. Until I learned about the terms "creative generalist" and "multipotentialite". Ever since, I decided to make my own path by following where my interests take me.

When I'm not working, I'm usually enjoying my time playing board games & video games, or discovering a new interesting hobby.

Eva, community core team member

Eva, core member

I'm Eva, a freelance web designer and front-end developer from Antwerp. Before I started focusing on design & code I studied philosophy and film studies, laying the foundation for why I like to combine both abstract and visual thinking. Outside of work I make illustrations and enjoy (web)comics, animation and gaming.